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The trulli are ancient building of stone, formed by a circular or square base, surmounted by a dome-shaped cone.
The trullo is self-sufficient: it serves as a home, allows the transformation of grapes into must, it allows its preservations in fresh capable tanks taken under the floor, it offers in its extensive cone, a further possibility of provision of products and agrarian tools.
Each Trullo has different shape and size, it comes from the fact that each of these buildings were built completely artisan. The walls were erected by placing the blocks of stone "dry", without using any fixing materials.
The "chianche" that formed the dome were stuck to art by creating a balance that does not require the use of cement or other to fix.
This special structure and materials used ,create inside a "thermos" effect ,in fact the temperature is kept warm in winter without using particular sources of heating.
In the same way, the coolness is kept in the sultry summer days. Another particular very interesting are the symbols that usually you can find on the dome. Their origin is controversial: may be imported from Eastern peoples who settled in Puglia, or more simply Christian paintings dating about the 1st century after Christ. The main feature is that they are present exclusively on housing, as signs of good hope, not on buildings used as barns or warehouses. And still on top of each trullo stands a pinnacle ,a lime-painted small stone sculpture, that gives the structure a special grace and elegance
B&b Ostuni  Masseria Ferri  c.da Ferri,72017 Ostuni- Brindisi

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