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"White city "Ostuni (33.551 ab., m. 218 di altitudine) Ostuni means spending time in White City. One of the finest and oldest fortified hill towns in the entire of Puglia and definitely the place to be if you like to add a little delving into the history and culture of the region to your holidays. In Ostuni there's plenty to discover. The area has been inhabited since the Stone Age, and has been prized and fought over ever since. Hannibal sacked, the Greeks rebuilt it, the Romans razed it again in 996 AD, and so it went on until Bona Sforza strengthened its fortifications against attacks by the Turks in 1539. Today the old City is still protected by its impressive White walls and your holidays in Ostuni will be doubtless feature intriguing walks through the citadel; past ancient, white-painted houses, taking in the splendour of the cathedral and the Bishop's Palace, and the palazzi of the aristocratic families who enjoyed the protection of this hill top fortress, so many centuries ago. Beyond the walls your last minute holidays in Ostuni will comprise lazing on immaculate beaches and bathing in the warm Adriatic, just ten kilometres away. Or enjoying picnics amid olive groves and vineyards – what better way to dine al fresco on cheap holidays in Ostuni? – or shopping for souvenirs. Local olive oil, wine and paintings or pottery by Ostuni's resident artists are all great ways to remember your summer holidays in Ostuni.

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