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   During the Middle Ages, when the economic changed the land-labor ratio, were built in the southern farms called masserie .

The name derives from "Massae", together with the rural landed property, real autarkic citadels, with defense , where we see even today the sighting towers and imposing walls. They include a complex building with a vast agricultural land all around (the "dote" ,the masseria rarely exceeded 500 hectares) and reflect the traditional focus on agriculture and pastoralism and cereals.

What most stands out in most of the farms, rather than the complex structures is the appearance of small forts, which makes the settlement closest to a defense ,than a place to live and work; so-called "fortified" with their massive bulk and with the wealth of architectural details.

In the Murgia, close to the Masseria were built majestic trulli, which were used for the conservation of all products.


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