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The  in the territory of Ostuni,
close to the border of Martina franca, date back about three centuries ago, when ,around 1718, it was garanted the formation of a support for the Masseria, a first limited agro-pastoral group, extended only 3 “tomoli”.
The area was a part, since the low Middle Ages, of a large ecclesiastical feud, first belonged to a Benedictine convent, and then a monastic order of knights.
The Abbey of San Salvatore in Pecorara, which includes rural homonyms monastery and church(until the seventh century there were ruins) whose existence is known since 1120 thanks to the discovery of parchments dated from 1206 to 1304, containing the names of three Benedictine .
Abbots, subject to the bishop of Ostuni ,which had a substantial land property.
The Feud of San Salvatore was called in the eighteenth century “Defense of San Salvatore” ,and on an unknown date the property passed to the Order of St. John of Jerusalem (from 1530 Order of the Knights of Malta).

In the course of the eighteenth century the owner preferred to assign parts of the feud in lease to private parties to increase incomes, asking for the “decima”( 10%)on the harvests, till the abolition of feudalism and ecclesiastical institutions.(1806-1809)

In the feud of San Salvatore, in 2449 extended tomoli,(2085 hectares),as measured in 1797, they built 25 farms, mostly owned by people of Martina.
One of these was Masseria Ferro, headed to the Magnificent Goffredo Domenico called Ferro from which derives the current name with an extension of 60 hectares of land "decimal".
Decimal was called the land on which it was charged the fee of tenth part of the harvests, collected by the dealer.

Subsequently, following the marriage in 1797 between Donna Teresa Goffredo of Antonio and Don Francesco Lella of Bonaventura, the Masseria became property of the family Lella.
His son Donato Lella built, along with primitive buildings of the 17th century, a comfortable country house dating 1854 as written on the entry portal, with the adjacent chapel dedicated to Our Lady of Grace.
It is currently owned by the family Lella
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