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  Cisternino has a population of 12.078 inhabitants (Cistranesi o Cisterninensi) and a surface of 54,06 square kilometers thus showing a population density of 223,5 inhabitants per square kilometer. It rises 394 metres above the sea level.
It stands high a hill rising out of vineyard-cloaked plains , its huddle of medieval buildings gleaming bright White against the light blue of the sky and the deep green of the surrounding countryside. So holidays in Cisterino will definitely suit those with an eye for natural beauty – the town has been voted one of the 15 most attractive n the whole of Italy.

Wander through the town's towering gates, past White houses with their flower bedecked balconies and their open stairways dropping down into shaded courtyards and you'll think your last minute holidays in Cisterino have landed you in the pages of a storybook. The 700 year old Church of St Nicholas contains inspiring sculptures, the Bishop's Palace retains all its Renaissance charm and there is a watchtower, palazzos and any number of quaint churches and gorgeous squares.

And holidays in Cisterinino will also suit connoisseurs of a different type. Food-lovers will find their appetite truly satisfied here. Wherever you wander on your cheap holidays in Cisterino, you'll find yourself being tempted into the lively bars, cafes and restaurants.

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