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   In the farm there is a herd of breeding cows called Podoliche.
Cattle breeding Podoliche (“is a breed of cattle characterized by a mantle of gray” ) have originated, according to one of the most accredited hypothesis ,from cattle arrived in Italy following the barbarian invasions, especially the Huns and the name Podoliche derives from the name of a region of Ukraine.
It has a widespread distribution area ,extended to the whole of southern Italy, with significant variability in the size and the coat that goes from white to dark gray .Robust animal, frugal and well adapted to poor pastures, bushes, and is characterized by docility, good attitude and maternal reproductive career.
Currently left out his ability to work, the podolica is used for milk and meat.

It produces a very rich milk fat, which gives the Caciocavallo Podolico, prince of cheeses spun.
The meat, tasty, has a content of lipids (fats) and cholesterol slightly lower, but the pasture gives a lot of Conjugate Linoleic Acid (CLA) which is one of the most important healthy quality of this kind of meat.
There currently are about 30,000 subjects enrolled in the herd


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